Why are the Day Six Centric Sys­tem com­po­nents the best?

Why are the Day Six Centric Sys­tem com­po­nents the best?

Why are the Day Six Centric Sys­tem com­po­nents the best?

The Achilles heel of the mi­cro di­am­e­ter ar­row has al­ways been the com­po­nents.
Ei­ther they don’t spin true, they hang up in bag tar­gets, or they sim­ply come off in the tar­get, leav­ing the shoot­er with a use­less ar­row. While the ad­van­tages of the mi­cro diam­e­ter ar­row far out­weigh that of larg­er di­am­e­ter shafts (for an­oth­er dis­cus­sion), the clunky com­po­nents of­fered with them have his­tor­i­cal­ly been a de­ter­rent.

So what makes our Cen­tric Sys­tem any dif­fer­ent? Well, there’s quite a few ad­vantages to the de­sign that ad­dress the com­mon prob­lems nor­mal­ly as­so­ci­at­ed with micro di­am­e­ter com­po­nents. Let’s start with achiev­ing the best con­cen­tric­i­ty (spin­ning true). The part of a shaft that’s per­fect­ly straight is the in­side, so in or­der to achieve the best con­cen­tric­i­ty, you need to in­dex the com­po­nent there in­stead of the out­side. To paint a men­tal pic­ture, im­agine an ar­row shaft like a roll of pa­per tow­els. The card­board tube on the in­side is per­fect, but af­ter many lay­ers of pa­per tow­els, the out­side isn’t per­fect­ly round. Our com­po­nents rely on the in­side of the shaft for align­ment and by hav­ing the col­lar me­chan­i­cal­ly at­tached via threads it can “float” around the out­side of the shaft and not be pushed to one side. By ma­chin­ing our col­lars to be just .002” larg­er than the out­side di­am­e­ter of our shafts, once the .001” gap is filled with epoxy it be­comes a mono­lith­ic unit with the shaft and spins per­fect­ly true and is ex­treme­ly tough.

An­oth­er com­mon is­sue solved by hav­ing the col­lar and in­sert me­chan­i­cal­ly attached via threads, is the ten­den­cy for com­po­nents to come off in a tar­get. The threads pro­vide a me­chan­i­cal bond, and the epoxy pro­vides a chem­i­cal bond. Ad­di­tion­al­ly, by hav­ing both com­po­nents epox­ied to the shaft both in­side and out, you’re ef­fec­tive­ly dou­bling the sur­face area for the epoxy to bond.


Hate get­ting the com­po­nents stuck try­ing to re­move an ar­row from a bag tar­get? So do we! Hav­ing each com­po­nent ma­chined to such a tight tol­er­ance with each size 2 shaft al­lows us to ta­per the trail­ing end of the col­lar down to .010” thick­ness, hence reduc­ing the edge that tends to stick in a bag tar­get mak­ing it a breeze to re­move. This also re­duces the amount of rear­ward force on the com­po­nent when pulling the ar­row out of a tar­get and helps elim­i­nate com­po­nents com­ing off.

In sum­ma­ry, the Cen­tric Sys­tem com­po­nents are great on their own, but when mar­ried pre­cise­ly to our thick wall shafts, the re­sult is a sol­id, bombproof front of the ar­row that main­tains its struc­tur­al in­tegrity as well as con­cen­tric­i­ty. All Day Six arrows come standard with our patented Centric System components.

We have in­clud­ed a link to our video tu­to­r­i­al on in­stalling the Cen­tric com­po-
nents. It’s su­per easy, and our de­sign makes it achiev­able by even the most novice arrow builder.

As al­ways, thank you for all your sup­port! We are tru­ly blessed with the best cus-tomers and we love com­ing to work every day be­cause of you.

-Bryan Broderick, Day Six Gear