Born out of necessity, Day Six designs and builds specialized equipment for hunters. As the hunting industry steers away from quality and towards quantity, Day Six remains focused on gear that will perform in the worst of conditions.

 Our goal is to identify holes in the market where quality gear is needed and provide solutions to fill those gaps. Everything we design is for our own use, we are just making extra for others who also want good gear.

 The system that fails the consumer is the wholesale-retail system. Other manufactures simply can't offer the quality that is possible due to the way their business is built and structured. The cost of manufacturing has to be kept low to allow for the retail markup when it hits the shelves at dealers.

 We have purposely configured this business to deliver our customers a superior product at a fair price utilizing the Consumer-direct model. 


Thanks again,

 The Day Six Crew



Please ensure safety instructions are followed at all times - and remember, NEVER SHOOT A DAMAGED ARROW! As well as following our instructions outlined below, always use common sense when assessing the safety of all arrows. Please inspect EACH arrow for damage before EACH shot. This is particularly important with carbon fiber shafts. Before every shot, whether the arrow is brand new or previously used, always inspect and listen for defects. Hold shaft at both ends and flex it away from yourself and others. Rotate and repeat this method several times until you are confident of no cracking, dents or irregularity. If you see or hear any faults please discard the arrow and DO NOT SHOOT IT! Shooting a damaged arrow could lead to very serious injury , and in some severe cases even death, to you and / or others..