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Why S30V?

The knife makers guild and bladesmiths have long praised this specialized tool steel. It offers a unique blend of hardness, durability, edge retention, and corrosion resistant characteristics that are not found in most other materials used in the broadhead market today. Heat treated and tempered to achieve 59-60 Rockwell, our blades will perform under the stress of hard impacts while retaining their all-important razor edge.

We understand the value of your dollar and want to provide a broadhead that is uncompromising on all fronts, not just impact toughness alone. CPM-S30V has higher levels of Chromium which bolster its stainless properties, along with the addition of Vanadium. Vanadium carbides, which form during the heat treatment process, are much harder than standard Chromium carbides - this ensures premium wear resistance, which in turn promotes superior edge retention. The higher Chromium content, which creates the stainless condition, ensures that its susceptibility to rust/corrosion in the field is nearly nullified.

CPM-S30V is a patented material manufactured by Crucible Industries located just outside Syracuse, New York. We like that we know exactly where our raw material originates. Crucible has a long history of material development and production for specialized applications, and S30V is no different. This alloy is processed into a powdered form of perfectly round droplets prior to being heated and compacted precisely into a solid, dense steel bar.  This process has several advantages over conventionally melted and molded steel, including but not limited to dimensional stability, toughness, and machinability.  Another advantage to this process lies in the grain structure of the steel itself – because of the size and uniformity of the round droplets of material, the finished alloy is extremely homogeneous with a very fine grain structure. This translates to the end user in the form of improved wear resistance, improved toughness with less chipping at edges, and improved sharpen-ability (as stated by Crucible Industries).

While almost twice the cost of other commonly used tool steels in the broadhead market, we feel that S30V is one of industry’s premiere blade materials, and that the additional cost is justified. We want the best for our own use, and if there was a better option we would use it.

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