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What Makes Our Broadheads Different?
We understand the value of your dollar and want to provide a broadhead that is uncompromising on all fronts, not just impact toughness alone. Knife makers and bladesmiths have long praised specialized tool steels like CPM-S35VN as it offers a unique blend of hardness, durability, edge retention, and corrosion resistant characteristics that are not found in most other materials used in the broadhead market today. Heat treated and tempered to achieve 59-60 Rockwell, our blades will perform under the stress of hard impacts while retaining their all important razor edge.


CPM-S35VN is a patented material manufactured by Crucible Industries located just outside Syracuse, New York. We like that we know exactly where our raw material originates and Crucible has a long history of material development and production for specialized applications. While over twice the cost of other commonly used tool steels in the broadhead market, we feel that CPM-S35VN is one of industry’s premiere blade materials, and that the additional cost is justified. We want the best for our own use, and if there was a better option we would use it. 


Being a true stainless steel will prevent rust and corrosion which everyone knows is enemy number one of a sharp edge. The convex design and low blade angle geometry provides superior performance with regards to both structural integrity and low resistance for maximum penetration. Combine all that with the fact that every head is made is the USA with 100% American materials it becomes a simple choice for most as to what head they are going to trust at the moment of truth.



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