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The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly

  For those with extensive experience working up big game, it’s always a tradeoff between the convenience of a replaceable blade knife and the durability of a fixed blade knife. The solution….The Dragonfly from Day Six Gear. Featuring a Patent Pending dual blade system utilizing Magnacut, the undeniable king of custom knife steels, the durability and edge retention is unmatched. At a mere 1.8 ounces, the Dragonfly is built with a removable carbon fiber handle that encapsulates the auxiliary blade while in use. Slots or "Keys" are machined at exact locations to ensure zero blade movement while in use. For field proof operation, the hardware is “captive” so there’s no risk of losing anything. With the hardware key embedded in the Kydex sheath, an extra tool in the field to swap the blade over is not needed.    

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  • Blade Length - 3.25"
  • Overall Length - 6.75"
  • Weight - 1.8oz
  • Blade Material - Magnacut
  • Hardware - Gr5 Titanium
  • Handle Material - Carbon Fiber

Patent Pending