Day Six HD

The arrow that started it all….. The HD series shafts are the undeniable king of
hunting arrows. Our unique, thick wall construction delivers not only a bombproof
shaft but also provides for unmatched spine consistency. Combined with our patented
Centric System components, the HD shafts are an al-in-one system that is hunt ready
right out of the box

500 8.2 0.232
400 9.2 0.238
350 10.2 0.245
300 11.2 0.253
275 11.8 0.259
250 12.4 0.263

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Grant Radermacher
Day Six - Top Quality Made in USA

I heard about Day Six arrows listening to podcasts. When I heard Bryan Broderick give his story on why he started the company it peaked my interest. The amount of experience he has as a hunter and knowing what it takes to build a great hunting arrow/broadhead I couldn't help but think I wanted these as my arrows. My bow is a Mathews z7 so I'm not much of a greatest and latest technology guy so I wanted something I could purchase and use for a very long time and get confident shooting. Being they are only available direct from manufacturer I thought where should I even start. With a quick email to D6 Bryan told me what he thought I should be shooting based on his knowledge. Everything he got me set up with I couldn't be happier I shot an entire summer with 6 arrows only damage was some knocks and fletchings from practice. I've tuned into almost all the podcasts D6 is on and it's always a pleasure to listen. Keep your setup simple and trust your gear buy hunting gear made by experienced hunters and practice with your bow. Successful in 2023 complete pass through stuck in dirt and ready to hunt after a quick clean. Can't wait for another successful season ahead. Thanks

Bobby Dye

These are, BY FAR, the best arrows I have ever used. You spend thousands of dollars on a bow, clothes, travel, time in preparation. Then why in the heck skimp on cheaper arrows? The only piece of equipment that actually comes in contact with your animal is the broadhead and arrow. Get the straightest flying, most durable arrow on the market. Throw in top notch customer service to answer my multiple analytical questions 😂 and go hunt with confidence that you are armed with the best setup you can have for your hunt. Not a place to cut corners! I’ve taken multiple elk, mule deer and plenty of whitetail with these arrows. I can promise, you won’t regret it. These things are hammers!!