Spine Chart / FAQ

1. My outserts won’t fit over my shaft?

ANSWER: The components are machined to .001” of the shaft for perfect broadhead alignment. Some shafts require slight sanding at the cut ends to allow outsert to slide over for perfect fit. 

2. What replacement nocks should I get or what size lighted nocks will fit? 

ANSWER: Our nocks are AAE IP4 but any G size nock, which is either .165” or .166” will fit.

3. Will the EVO broadheads fit arrows other than Day Six?

ANSWER: Yes, the EVO broadheads will fit any standard arrow.

4. Should I epoxy both the insert and collar part of the Centric system?

ANSWER: Yes, the Centric system is designed to be installed as one piece. You must epoxy the collar to the insert as well as the inside and outside of the arrow shaft.

5. How long does it take to get arrows?

ANSWER: We run one week lead time on all arrow orders.


6. What spine arrow do I need?

ANSWER: See the chart below the product page for help choosing spine.

 50 GR Outsert Spine Chart / 315 - 360 FPS IBO


 100 GR Outsert Spine Chart / 315 - 360 FPS IBO